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What are Microloans? How do these Types of Loans Work?

Microloans are a popular funding alternative to traditional bank loans. If you’re struggling to get approved for a bank loan, you may want to consider a microloan. Because they involve smaller amounts, they are typically easier to acquire. For more information on what are microloans and how they work, continue reading.

How Microloans Work

A microloan works similar to traditional loans, though there are a few key differences. First, microlenders typically won’t reject a business’s application for a microloan based strictly on their credit or available collateral. While they may look at this information, microlenders care more about your income. And because the loans are in small amounts, you can usually demonstrate the ability to pay back it back.

Fundru is also interested in helping businesses succeed. In addition to providing funding, many will also offer guidance, coaching, tools, and helpful resources. After all, they want businesses who borrow money from them to succeed. Otherwise, they’ll experience a high default rate.

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